Princes Street Gardens

Pretending to be a tourist in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

Wandering through the West Princes Street Gardens today. I don't often come here, for some reason. Maybe when you live in a popular city, you tend to avoid the tourist hotspots. But these gardens are very beautiful, especially in the spring.

The new leaves on the trees are looking so fresh and bright. There is still some cherry blossom about, while much of it is falling. Other plants are flowering: bluebells and azaleas, for example.

At the far west end of the gardens is St. Cuthbert's Kirkyard. The trees and views of the castle here are wonderful. I found a damaged gravestone; probably vandalised, but not recently. It was nice to spend a little time here and soak in the atmosphere: tourists with cameras, sunshine, birds singing, and the general sounds of people going about enjoying the gardens.

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