A roll of film photographed on a walk between Silverknowes and Cramond, late November

The weather hasn't been great recently, and even when it's not windy and raining, it seems to get dark at about 3pm. So, I haven't been out with my camera as much as I'd like. But I take the opportunity whenever I can. A couple of weeks ago I walked down the promenade between Silverknowes and Cramond, on the outskirts of Edinburgh. I made these photographs with my Yashica Mat 124G on Kentmere 400iso film. I've been enjoying using this camera (and my 35mm Pentax ME Super) recently. I get the film processed locally, then digitise the negatives myself with a DSLR setup and conversion software.

Cramond was one of the first places we explored after moving to Edinburgh back in 2020. I still remember the sense of awe I felt as we drove down to Silverknowes and the view opened out over the Firth of Forth with the hills of Fife on the horizon. It's not as much of a surprise these days, but I still love it, and it changes every time you see it.

The fish sculpture is known as the Cramond Fish and was made by the sculptor Ronald Rae.

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