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North Edinburgh photographed on 120 film

Photos made with a Yashica Mat 124G on Kodak Gold, around north Edinburgh (mostly Leith and Newhaven), at the end of 2023. Using this camera takes me back to the late 2000s. Before Instagram, the way I found out about other photographers' work was through Flickr and various online magazines. It was a friendlier place than the social media environment of today. I wouldn't go back (for various reasons) but I do sometimes miss the online photo community of that time.

Some of these photographs were made with an ongoing project in mind, tentatively titled 'Beyond the Royal Mile', the idea being to document places around Edinburgh that are not commonly known to people who don't live there. I started the project during the COVID pandemic, on local walks, while I was learning about the city as a new resident. Since then, I decided I wasn't fully happy with the images, so thought I'd try revisiting some of the locations and photographing them on film. I'm not sure yet if this will work out. Some of the images here are just things I saw on my walks, and the final image (of waterside flats) was made with my Water of Leith project in mind. Both these projects are slow burners.

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