Pembrokeshire Coastal Walk

A Pembrokeshire heatwave coastal walk

A walk between Stackpole Quay and Bosherston on the Pembrokeshire coastal path, at the start of the August heatwave, approximately 7-8 miles. We passed the famous Barafundle Bay and Broad Haven beach (in the last picture), both of which were fairly busy. Once we got away from the beaches onto the clifftop paths, it was quieter. We sat a few metres away from a noisy chough to eat our lunch. We baked in the sun as we got lost in the sand dunes around Broad Haven beach and took an unwanted detour down a country road to reach the bus stop at the end of our walk. The bus was brilliant - an open sunroof providing natural air conditioning - and we didn't envy the people trying to find spaces in the overflowing car parks. It was tiring but a good day.

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