Testing a new lens by the Firth of Forth at the end of the year

A few images from a walk down to Cramond between Christmas and New Year. I took a new lens, a Canon 16-35mm f/4L IS. I don't usually work with such a wide angle, so it was an interesting challenge. I spent a long time looking over these images and not really being happy with them. But then I changed to black and white, and I think I prefer them.

Sometimes I struggle to find a happy place with colour; things either look too saturated or too dull or just somehow 'not right', no matter how much I play with presets, sliders, levels and curves. Other times, it happens with almost no effort at all. I think in the former situation, it either means they're just not very good pictures, or that they would work better in monochrome. I'm in no position to decide on that, but here they are anyway.

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