Walking Prestonpans to Aberlady

A winter coastal walk in East Lothian on the John Muir Way

We walked another 7 miles or so on the John Muir Way last week, between Prestonpans and Aberlady along the coast of East Lothian. We'd never walked along this section before so it was great to see some new sights, still relatively close to home. The route goes partly by coastal paths and partly along a beach. It passes some semi-industrial areas, residential areas, a couple of harbours and a holiday park before following a beach and coastal path, and briefly through some trees before you reach Aberlady village. We took the train from Edinburgh to Prestonpans and got a bus back from Aberlady.

I took a new lens on this walk - a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L II. I traded my Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 for it. Over time I've realised I often want more reach than 70mm, especially when photographing landscapes on walks, but also for artworks in a studio or candid photos at events. With the big improvements in noise reduction technology in recent years, I don't worry so much about using higher ISOs, so I don't mind losing a stop of light in the aperture range.

I'm also planning upcoming trips and wanting to travel relatively lightly whilst keeping my creative options open - 24-105 covers more bases than 24-70. I'm still testing and getting to know this new lens so can't really comment on how it compares technically just yet. All the reviews and samples I checked online seemed to show it would be a worthy replacement, and initial results suggest it's capable of producing very sharp images. Making a big equipment purchase isn't something I take lightly so I'm crossing my fingers this one works out!

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